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How do I get involved?
At this point you may have received a flyer with which you can sponsor a tree or tree and hedging pack. You can fill in your details on the flyer and return with your payment to the clubhouse at Knockdoemore at any of the time slots mentioned in the itinerary for the week (below). 
You can also go the the knockdoemore park clubhouse at any of the times below where you can purchase your pack.
Alternatively you can sponsor an a tree or tree and hedging pack by clicking on the link below. Your details will be passed on to the relevant people in time for the weeks' events.
You can plant your tree at any of the planting time slots mentioned or your tree will be planted for you. Bring a spade and wellies!
National Tree Week is the largest annual
tree celebration marking the start of the
spring tree planting season.

To coincide with National Tree Week 2018 the clubs
and groups who enjoy using Knockdoemore Park
have come together to do something positive for our
local treescape and environment.

The value that trees provide can sometimes be taken for
granted: not only do they provide much needed shelter and
improve the aesthetic of an area; trees contribute to our
environment by providing the oxygen we breathe, improving
air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water,
preserving soil, and supporting wildlife.

Itinerary for the week

Sat 3rd March: 11am-2pm
-Pre Purchase your tree from the salesdesk at the Knockdoemore Park Clubhouse.

Mon 5th March - Friday 9th March: 6pm - 8.30pm (Daily)
-Pre Purchase your tree from the salesdesk at the Knockdoemore Park Clubhouse.

Sat 10th March (Main Day): 10am-4pm
-Ceremonial Tree planting.
-Sales and Planting
-Further Activities to be announced for the day.

Sun 11th March (Mother’s Day): 10am-12noon
-Sales and planting.
-Plant for mum.

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